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Company database in BELGIUM, location : ANZEGEM TIEGEM

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Database statistics (daily updated) : 6 837 389 companies in 157 countries
Basca NV
Brecht BVBA
Dhulst Piet Albert
Noreille Willy
Averco & Co BVBA
Bousse Kathy
Barca Meat Products NV
Leenaert Roze-Marie
Charlotte NV
Passchier Ernie
Demeyer Rudy NoUl
Cornette Karel
Depaepe Lieve
Alpha-Home BVBA
Moerman Christophe
Derammelaere Tom Lucien
Deviaene Annelies
Lapeire Patricia Annie Maria
Delmote Georges Ludovicus
Delmote Edwin
Lefebvre Marie-Helene P3543
Velghe Martine
Lamon Katrien P3502
Bouts Tim
Isma p/a BTW-Kant K5 BVBA
Kerkfabriek Heilige Arnoldus
Dewaele Medard
Sint Amand Service BVBA
Verhaeghe Carl P3545
Stabima BVBA
Van Houcke Phaedra P 4300
Vekivan BVBA
Vamerim NV
Vamerim NV
Tubex Maaike
Delmulle Christianne
Steenhaut BVBA
Steenhaut Geert
Khan Rashid Fida
Gloria BVBA
Callewier Ivan
Michels Guy
Mullie Voeders BVBA
Mattelaer Marie Rose
Windels Dirk
Steeco BVBA
Verte Katrien Maria P3472
Labie Cathy Maria
Delbarre A
Bouwonderneming Vanmaercke NV
Vanmaercke J
Geopro Services - M.T.A.S. NV
Brouwers Co BVBA
Naessens Sabine Esther
Demeyer Rudy BVBA
Voeders Rik Avet BVBA
Detollenaere - Destrooper CV
Vandenbogaerde Ignace
Sint Arnoldus VOF
Ducatteeuw NV
Johny Declerq BVBA
Agro Mullie In vereffening NV
Steeland Bert
Verschuere Pol
Newco BVBA
Landbouwbedrijf Veba BVBA
Intrapar in vereffening BVBA
Nedee G
Sciovani Fashion BVBA
Wielerclub de Bergklimmers VZW VZW
Chantrie Jolien
Debosschere Michel
Naessens Greta
Gaeremynck Johan Leon
Tavakoli Keshe Mehran
Defoort Marie-Paule
Groep H NV
Frytec Services BVBA
Kiremko Catering Equipment Belgium NV
Computer Aided Services for Engineering and Consulting NV
Derycke Frans
Notebaert Peter
Beli-A CV
Columbus Consultancy BVBA
De Jonghe & Co BVBA
TCS Consult BVBA
Demeulemeester R
Khan Rashid Fida
Perfecta Catering Equipment Belgium NV
Vervaecke F
Libbrecht Geert Willem P 4786
Soisson Marc Gentiel
Desmit Philip
Dendauw F
Ferlin Dorine
Allegaert Herman
Maes G
Blockeel Gunther
Koch-Ockier BVBA
Domein Sint-Arnoldus VZW
Valcke Christel Marcella
Couckuyt Decoratie BVBA
Vanoutryve Nathalie VOF
Lamon Erik
Isebaert Jose
Avet Building & Engineering NV
Balcaen Lesley Lisette Cornelia
Lavaert Claudine
Demeyer Koenraad Ludwig Arthur
Vloeren d'Hondt CV
Thienpont's Teater BVBA
Vanmaercke Pieter Frans
Vanmaercke Erwin
S & D Invest In Vereffening BVBA
Agro Consulting Tiegem in vereffening BVBA
Lanssens Gaston Arthur
Vanimco P3499 NV
Demasure Systems NV
Bel-Tuft BVBA
Gebroeders Demasure PVBA

You can also search a company in BELGIUM with criteria such as name, adress, business ID number... provides business information on Belgian firms. Why is this information necessary for professionals ?
If your company is already active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information on your customers or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures.
Follow changes in legal forms, executives ans legal representatives...

If you intend to initiate the search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know your prospects. The Business report can do that : shareholders, mother ans sister companies worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in BELGIUM, you will be able to compare and appreciate the solvency and the risk of failure of a Belgian company.

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