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CompanyCHRYSIS S-GONIDIS M-LOUIZIDIS TH O.E. AddressKefallinias 102 CityAthens - 11251 CountryGREECE Location TypeSingle address
last update : Oct 12, 2011

CHRYSIS S-GONIDIS M-LOUIZIDIS TH O.E. is incorporated at the Greek Register.
If you search data on this company, check our information reports.

Reports on CHRYSIS S-GONIDIS M-LOUIZIDIS TH O.E. include information such as :

  • CHRYSIS S-GONIDIS M-LOUIZIDIS TH O.E. is located in Athens : It may be an Headquarter, a Branch or a single location : These are registered locations
  • Company Registration in GREECE : Local ID number, adress, legal representatives and executives, proceedings and suits,...
  • Financials : Annual accounts, financial accounts, key figures : sales, revenues,...
  • Scores and ratings : Assess the financial performance of CHRYSIS S-GONIDIS M-LOUIZIDIS TH O.E. : Is there a risk of failure ?
    How fast does CHRYSIS S-GONIDIS M-LOUIZIDIS TH O.E. pay its invoices ?
  • Corporate Structure : Is CHRYSIS S-GONIDIS M-LOUIZIDIS TH O.E. a parent company ? Are there subsidiaries, sister companies, in GREECE or in other countries ?

Below is a list of information reports that may be available on CHRYSIS S-GONIDIS M-LOUIZIDIS TH O.E..

Company Verification Identify a Company and its Location
Company Profile Quick Check with Key Facts and Data
Business Report    Verify a company risk and perform an analysis of its operations
Compact Report Concise information for fast decision
Exhaustive Report The most comprehensive, analytical report with historical background
Corporate Family Tree Determine corporate structure and family members
Corporate Parents Identify domestic and global parent companies of this business
Company D&B Rating D&B Rating : financial strength and risk indicator
Company Financials Key figures from financials accounts : assets, debt, net worth...

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